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Amazon once sold only books and Apple was a dying brand trying to keep its head above water after the release of Lisa.

In every story, there is a beginning and an ending. Often times the ending never lived up to the expectations set forth at its inception.

Let’s face it. Technology has become the great slayer of dinosaurs. Just ask Kodak, Polaroid, Sears, and Roebuck or call your local travel agent from your landline at home. Everything from how we research information to listening to our favorite music has all changed because of technological advancements.

What hasn’t changed is how media advertisers continually market products to their key demographics. Due in parts to technology people, in general, are far more intelligent buyers. We less influenced by the star celebrity and more so by our peers or influencers who actually try a product and report back to their followers through social media.

Stygian Corporation is a technology company first by developing proprietary IP allowing us to create a brand identity only to us.

People have often asked why start with liquor, especially Bourbon and the answer was quite simple, why not.



Most people don’t know that Jack Daniels one of the most synonymous names in whiskey learned his trade from a Black Man. Nearis Green taught Mr. JD how to distill his soon to be the famous elixir synonymous with his name. Of all the distilled products on the market Bourbon has always been considered an art form. It was the right choice for us and more importantly, we like Bourbon and we’ll not sell a product we don’t like.

At the end of the day, we are still a technology company building a platform that will allow any product to be plugged in and sold. It connects consumers to e-commerce, to bricks and mortar retail, wholesale distributors to manufacturers to shipping.  A turnkey solution that not only connects consumers but, creates product identity both socially and virally.


Recognizing early on that no great company was ever built by one but the efforts of many who share in a common vision as one. Stygian is family, our customers, our vendors our team members all a part of one great dynamic family united together to make their mark on the world.

Today, our eye is on the prize by creating Black Bourbon, scheduled release in 2019. We’ve launched our line of aged hand rolled custom cigars available now in selected areas and soon we’ll launch the unprecedented answer to rolling gold, “Stygian Wraps” carefully crafted, hand picked, custom designed and packaged to seal in freshness for the Cannabis Consumable Markets. Although we are laser-focused on top-line revenue for 2019 it was our 2018 efforts that paved the way allowing us the time to create alliances both domestically and abroad for product launches and, distribution channels, with live taste testings at key events gave us valuable feedback on our product development. The creation of our advertising campaigns for 2019 was born from our 2018 efforts.