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Three years ago, I vowed to create a bourbon that not only has a smooth sweet finish to it, but also a daring powerful flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.  

That fusion is Stygian Black Bourbon which originates from the classic Kentucky bourbon trails with some Silicon Valley sensibility. And based on the response we’ve received, we’re well on our way towards charting a new course. 

This is just the beginning of the launch of our lifestyle products. Are you ready to be #BeBold?



The Stygian Corporation lifestyle manifests from being the first African American majority-owned bourbon company. But it’s much more.


It is about disrupting a legacy industry where with the help of a diverse cadre will help other businesses of color build their own spirits brands across the country. How? With an aggressive Silicon Valley startup’s mentality, Stygian’s technology arm, Edge Platform, will provide an end-to-end roadmap to help those get their businesses to market quickly.


But the road has to start somewhere…  


Although based in California, Stygian Black Bourbon will be purely made in rural Kentucky with a very unique distilling process that can make a smooth, rich two-year-old bourbon taste like it’s five-years-old all within a matter of days.


It’s the reason why Stygian ran out of bourbon during our debut at Oakland’s legendary “Art N’ Soul” festival last summer because word of mouth led to long lines and numerous repeat customers. Or where a tasting at a nightclub helps a local startup creating virtual reality classrooms for minority students receive its funding and then some.


It’s the reason why our catchphrase, “Not your Daddy’s bourbon,” is resonating with millennial and middle-aged drinkers alike.


It’s the reason why Stygian is adventurous enough to travel more than 3,000 miles away scouring through scores of tobacco clones to create the finest premium cigars from Nicaragua. No middlemen, no brokers. Truly direct from the source.


It’s the reason why a stash of cigars handed out during a summer beach bonfire among potential customers created an aroma that is unmistakable.


It’s the reason why you can have both Stygian Black Bourbon and Cigars while wearing either wingtip shoes, 8-inch heels or flip-flop sandals.


It’s the reason why Stygian dares to “Be Bold!”


Stygian is about to remake the way you think about your life as we remake history. Are you ready to #JoinTheMovement?