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YES! Your voice has been heard. Welcome to Stygian Corp, a majority black-owned marketing launch pad for liquor products into the 1.2 trillion dollar African American market, which spends 3 billion dollars per year on spirits.
We understand your love for the finer things in life. We hear your plea to recognize your cultural needs. Your history is our history. You are Beautiful. You are Bold. We are Bold!
We are a radical group of serial entrepreneurs that have banded together to disrupt the spirits industry with the Edge Platform. Our Edge Platform enables anyone to brand their own spirit, and fuel revenue from their followers and our distribution partners. The Edge Platform provides a personal touch of customization allowing clients to customize their brand and rapidly launch nationally or internationally with our robust backend and sales strategy. The Edge Platform provides the infrastructure to allow the customer to create–from concept to creation–and build their own premium spirit with speed and precision.
There is simply no other spirits branding provider who brings decades of industry experience, cutting-edge thinking, advanced technology, and unique personalities to the table. We bring over 30 years of experience to scale your liquor brand.
If you want to break into the spirits industry with your personal brand or create a gifting program for your finest clients, we guarantee we will satisfy your every need.
Stay Bold!

~The Stygian Team

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